Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mature App Submitted

Well, I got tired of waiting for Apple and went ahead and submitted the more mature version of my app. This one is NOT for kids. So right now they are both in the review process. The main app which is just bumper stickers, about 350 of them, was submitted on Wednesday 24 June and will be available for $1.

The mature version, if it passes Apple's strict decency standards, will have an additional 300 bumper stickers, in three new categories and will also be $1. This way people can choose which one they want, the clean one or the mature one.

The mature app is full of mature sayings like, "I am as confused as a baby in a topless bar" and stuff like that, while the normal app has stuff like, "Don't judge a book by its' movie." I tried to keep the two apps separate and the more off the wall comments in the adult one.

I just wish that Apple's review process was a little more open. If either app is rejected, and if they even tell me why, then I have to make the changes and resubmit. I will have to wait the entire time again even if the change is something minor like I forgot to change the app name to one word instead of two. The same goes for updates. When I have an update, it will take the full review time for it to go live, which will not be fun considering I plan on having a ton of updates, with all of the suggestions everyone is going to send me.

Oh well, we will see. Oh yeah, I am on Twitter now, so you can follow along there at "bumpwisdom".

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