Monday, July 13, 2009


Okay so I have resubmitted both of the apps and here is where things stand. For the regular app, it got rejected again because they said I didn't rate it high enough, due to "crude humor". So I went ahead and up'ed the crude humor tab to it's highest rating, but that didn't change the rating from 12+. So I also up'ed the "mature" tab to get it to 17+ which should be enough. So, hopefully, they will pass it and it will be live soon.

As for the mature app, well I resubmitted it and got a letter from Apple saying they need more time to review everything. From what I have read, this means they are going to kill the app by not accepting it, nor declining it. Oh well, at least it looks like one of the two will be live.

I think I am going to start my next app tomorrow. I think this one will be much easier to get through, and I think I will try to incorporate some new things into it. It should be fun.

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